Cassidy Barnett

mixed-media artist


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Cradled As One

Suboart Magazine nr. 26

I explore the relationship between materiality and memory, navigating the labyrinth of recollection through the mediums of screen printing, painting, and fabric manipulation. These modalities serve as vessels for encapsulating the visceral essence of memory, unraveling its emotional conglomeration and sifting through the construction and retention mechanisms inherent within it.

Memory, to me, is a rich tapestry woven from personal narratives and collective consciousness, a multi-dimensional phenomenon shaped by time and experience. Through the amalgamation of diverse media in my practice, I strive to encapsulate the ephemeral nature of memory, its propensity to morph and evolve over time.

Within the act of screen printing, the push and pull of ink becomes a metaphorical terrain where my memories take shape, a visual mirage capturing the essence of fleeting experiences. Painting becomes a vessel for channeling the emotive hues of nostalgia, employing texture and composition to convey the intricacy of these moments. Fabric, with its tactile allure, assumes a pivotal role in my artistic practice, allowing for exploration of sensory dimensions and delicate nuances. The act of sewing these fragments of the past onto delicate surfaces infuses each piece with a personal tenderness.

Through this multidisciplinary approach, I aim to articulate a new visual language that speaks to the fragmented and intricate nature of remembrance. Materiality, inextricably intertwined with memory-making, serves as both medium and message. I want to capture the essence of what it means to remember, and to honor the power and significance of how memory is created.